Surrounded By Human FIlth 7"




Recorded by Sergey Jmourovski November 2009
@ The House of Bread

Mixed and Mastered by Matt McDonald

Artwork by Andrew Wilkensen!/pages/WAKE/144398458930674

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released February 11, 2010

Tyler Dergousoff - Drums
Sergey Jmourovski - Bass/Guitar
Rob Strawberry - Guitar
Shayne Baker - Vocals

"This record with handy download is grindy, crusty powerviolence with surprisingly sweet guitar licks, and even a detour or two into melody. These guys could actually be on their way to much bigger things, as there is just enough setting misanthropy, impressive performances and creative songwriting to win over a mini-mass of people. Plus, this lyric: “what a grotesque way of becoming fucked.” Jesus, guys.”
- Shane Mehling / Decibel #71

"Hearing Aids Canadian crushers Wake have staked out a comfortable niche in between Phobia and ASRA on five song EP Surrounded by Human Filth. Between the eerie spoken word-sampled, instrumental opener and the obligatory five minute slow motion kiss off, the band fillets grindcore with ragged edges of droning dirges. But when they do go for grind gold, Wake hit it and quit it with a fervid intensity. “Virulent” is an on-the-verge-of-intelligibility hardcore rager so vicious you can almost see the finger pointing through your headphones while Cavity would be more than happy to five finger the droning bridge of “Cannibal Design” as it winds its way up to a mid-BPM power drill drive. The best balance of the band’s alternating extremities would be the cymbal-clutching blaster “Defiler,” which shows off Wake’s aggression to scintillating perfection.
Grindcore, death metal and power violence get all gruff and growly in Wake’s hands. They keep things short and sharp and don’t wear out their welcome. Just a quality beating."
- Andrew Childers / Grind and Punishment

The first side was three songs of face-ripping-off grind. Fast as fuck with vocals that go from shrieks that will strip paint from the walls to growls that will register on the Richter scale, followed by pounding blast beats. The other side is one epic track of all the crust that you need. It sort of reminds me of Catharsis. Intense record that definitely stands out from the grind/crust ghettos."
- Craven / Razorcake



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